Safa Attyaoui is a visual artist and curator in training at TASAWAR 2020.

A multidisciplinary artist, she moves from drawing lines to sewing thread and from collage to video while creating a subtle link between her transitions. Attentive to material encounters, she explores textures and recovers objects that she then reintegrates into her work, creating a particular atmosphere where the history of the materials is linked to her personal history.

Since 2017 , she participated in several exhibitions and residencies during which she had the opportunity to further explore drawing and embroidery as a narrative tool to reveal emotional sensitivity in personal life experiences. She has since developed a personal artistic research that revolves around memory and trace. In March 2020 her first solo exhibition “revealing lines” took place in the Chapel of Saint Monique at the IHEC in Carthage.

Recently, she was able to benefit from a grant from the Kamel Lazaar Foundation and ministry of culture for the production of her first animated short movie (Usures) available on the platform Artify and exhibited at B7L9.

In parallel with these participations, she had few experiences as a trainee-videographer, artist assistant and workshop leader in festivals and other events (international festival of feminist art Chouftouhonna, Biennial of contemporary art Dream city) and by occupying the position of gallery assistant at Ghaya gallery in Sidi Bousaïd.


2020 | Tunis.tn |SAINTE CROIX CHAPEL| Group exhibition “Eco’logic”

2020 | Sidi Bou Said.tn |SAINTE MONIQUE CHAPEL| Personal exhibition ‘Revealing lines”

2019 | Tunis.tn | DAR LASRAM | Group exhibition “Utopia, 100 years of the Bauhaus” curated by Meriem Besbes

2019 | Rades.tn| SAFIA FARHAT MUSEUM | Group exhibition “… intertwined ”


2019 | Issoudun.Fr | HOSPICE SAINT ROCH MUSEUM | Artist residency

2019 | Tunis.tn | JISER BCN / ALG / TN | Artist residency

2017-2018 | Rades.tn | CENTER OF LIVING ARTS OF RADES | Artist residency


2017 | Tunis.tn| National School of Engineers of Carthage| Automation, robotics and information

2014 | Tunis.tn | Campus el Manar| Electronics, electrotechnical engineering and automation


2019-2020 |SIDIBOUSAID.tn|GHAYA GALLERY|Gallery assistant

1990| Born in Tunis.tn


la Presse
La Presse



Photo Slim Gomri

Animation video “Wear” by Safa Attyaoui

Artwork exhibited at Sainte Monique Chapel
“School slates play”, 2020, Safa Attyaoui



With Friedrich Boell, Rym Hayouni, and Haifa Ouerfelli
Hosted by Mohsen Bchir, Kenza Jemmali, Janet Sebri

TASAWAR Collective

25 February 2021 | 6.00 pm CET | Register here for free

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An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
26 January to 28 February 2021

with the American Artist Katherine Behar about her E-Waste exhibition.
A conversation between Rania Atef, Elham Khattab, and Katherine Behar.

An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
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with Emily Sarsam (GOETHE-INSTITUTE Tunis), Bettina Pelz (Artistic Director), TASAWAR Collective, and Aymen Gharbi from the partner project ELECTRICAL DISORDER c/o INTERFERENCE Series

An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
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An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
26 Jan to 28 Feb 2021