Born january 28, 1988 in Brussels

Scriptwriter, filmmaker, producer and camerawomen


2006-2010 : Bachelor’s degree in cinematography technique specialization : Director and production assistant – INRACI/HELB – Brussels


I worked around 2 years as a production assistant for the company “A bout de Souffle Production SPRL”,  which made me discover Tunisia in 2010 during the filming of the documentary “Hymen National” directed by Jamel Mokni . I was then able to multiply the experiences in this country; TV and web production, reportings and coverages, electoral campaign logistics as well as the direction and production of my first short film supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: “En Famille”.

And then I travelled across Europe, I worked for 3 months in Kosovo as a communications manager with an NGO and then I did several trainings in Greece and Spain in ecological farms and communities.

In 2019, I launched with my husband an artist’s residency in the center of Tunis called “Dar Meso”.

Today, in while still managing DAR MESO, I am working on a documentary called “Denya Mridha, un monde malade”, the screenwriting and production of an animated short film addressing the problem of electronics waste in the world and elaborated from same waste and the project of an installation/ exhibition also addressing the problem of waste throughout the world and the urgent need to preserve nature.




With Friedrich Boell, Rym Hayouni, and Haifa Ouerfelli
Hosted by Mohsen Bchir, Kenza Jemmali, Janet Sebri

TASAWAR Collective

25 February 2021 | 6.00 pm CET | Register here for free

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An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective

26 January to 28 February 2021


Activate: Automatically is an interactive Instagram account related to ON | OFF online exhibition and the subject of e-waste. Here, we are collecting photos of the electronic devices that surround us.
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An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
26 January to 28 February 2021

with the American Artist Katherine Behar about her E-Waste exhibition.
A conversation between Rania Atef, Elham Khattab, and Katherine Behar.

An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
TODAY 6.00 pm | Register here

with Emily Sarsam (GOETHE-INSTITUTE Tunis), Bettina Pelz (Artistic Director), TASAWAR Collective, and Aymen Gharbi from the partner project ELECTRICAL DISORDER c/o INTERFERENCE Series

An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
TODAY 7.00 pm | Register here

An Online Exhibition Project by TASAWAR Collective
26 Jan to 28 Feb 2021